Meeting Treasurer Info

  1. Mailing Address for Contributions to Bluegrass Intergroup:

  • Bluegrass Intergroup Treasurer
    P.O. Box 1781
    Versailles, Kentucky 40383-9998

      2. Tradition 7 Contributions are normally divided as follows:

60% to the local Intergroup, 10% to Region 5, 30% to the OA World Service Office (WSO).

This is at the discretion of the meeting (via Group Conscience), and it is recommended that meetings read and discuss the pamphlet Seventh Tradition of OA prior to making such a decision.

      3. Where do I find Contribution Forms for Region 5 and WSO?

Both Region 5 ( and WSO ( keep the most recent forms on their websites. Both region and WSO forms ask for your meeting number (assigned by WSO, look up your meeting in the Find A Meeting area of and it will be listed there). No forms are needed for Bluegrass Intergroup, but it is very helpful to the list the day & time of the meeting in the Memo line of the check.

    4. What is a “Prudent Reserve” and how do I determine what it should be?

All groups in OA are asked to maintain a prudent reserve, or a minimum  amount that would cover normal expenses (literature purchase, babysitting, meeting space donation, etc) for at least a couple months. Funds above that should be regularly distributed at least twice a year. Larger meetings may wish to contribute more frequently. Funds significantly above the amount needed for a reasonable period of expenses should be distributed to OA Service bodies (Intergroup, Region, World Service Office).

    5. I have never been a Treasurer before, can I get some guidelines for how to do this?

Thank you so much for your service to your meeting! The following PDF provides some simple guidelines for handling the money for your group.

BIG_Meeting Treasurer Guidelines